“Are you worried about how your divorce is going to affect your children?”

If you’re going through a separation or divorce, your entire life is changing.  It’s quite a roller-coaster ride and it can be hard to see where it ends or how to get off the ride without going over every single bump and incline and loop-de-loop.  Sometimes it feels like you’re stuck upside down, screaming, and hanging on for dear life.

You’re not alone.  Divorce is one of the most difficult experiences you will ever have in your life.  Research shows that divorce is the second most stressful life experience (behind death of a spouse or child).  It has long-lasting effects and it impacts every single aspect of your life.  I help parents of young children to navigate this process so they have a more positive experience.

By collaborating with your ex you can create the happy, healthy childhood you want for your kids, and you can move forward in your life without the stress, tension or guilt that many parents complain about.

Which of the following sound familiar to you?

  • You’re feeling powerless and scared and unsure of what’s coming next.
  • You’re worried sick over how this is going to affect your children.
  • You feel like a failure.
  • You’re frustrated or worried about your finances.
  • You have different emotions from one day to the next, or even one hour to the next.


Parents who work with me are able to move past these issues.

After my divorce, I did not know what I needed, but I knew I needed help. A handbook, or a road map – anything to navigate the tricky waters of divorced parenting. I am profoundly grateful that I found Marlene Clay. Even though Marlene lives in another state, we scheduled appointments over the phone and used email as needed between our sessions.

Marlene helped me tremendously in the first few months after my divorce – particularly through several “firsts” – like holidays, weekends without the children, etc. She provided a sympathetic ear but was at the same time an impartial listener. While she supported my feelings, she encouraged me to speak with my former husband regularly, and challenged me to keep the lines of communication open. However, she also assisted me when  situations arose that could have turned into arguments or problems – and she helped me maneuver them successfully.

Throughout my divorce process, it was so important to me to keep my children’s best interest at heart. Marlene believes in continuing this concept after the legal work is finished; and through her guidance I feel as though the groundwork has been laid for a healthy, non-confrontational parenting relationship in the years ahead.

 Sarah O.
Atlanta, GA


Imagine if this were your experience:

  • You’re feeling in control and optimistic about your future.
  • You know that by collaborating with your ex, you’re providing the best possible environment for your children to thrive after divorce.
  • You have a clear vision of your new “family” life.
  • You’ve learned that working together for the good of everyone involved means that money is not as uncomfortable to discuss or used as readily as a weapon or bargaining chip.
  • You have different emotions show up, but understand where they’re coming from and have tools to use to bring yourself back to center.
  • You’ve learned how to communicate effectively so you can reduce or eliminate the tension and arguments.

You get to choose what your children’s experience will be.  Will you choose to live happily ever after?

Aren’t your children’s happiness, your own sanity and well-being, your peace of mind, your health and your ability to control your own life, worth any amount of effort or investment?  Think about it.  What would you give for your children to come through this experience with love and respect for both of you?

The fact that you’re here, on this site, shows that you care about the impact of your actions and you want to do things in a more positive way.  I commend you for that and I urge you to take action to start the process of living happily ever after.


Choose to live happily ever after!

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