mp3 imageKeys to a More Positive Divorce and Co-Parenting Relationship Class

If you are going through a divorce or are recently divorced and have children, this 4-part series is a must-have.  In over four hours of content, I cover the keys to effective co-parenting and how to make your interactions with your former spouse more positive.  It can be very challenging once your relationship changes from husband and wife to co-parents, and there aren’t many good role models out there for this…yet.

That’s why I created the Navigating the 7 C’s of Divorce and Co-Parenting class.  It is a 4-part series that takes you through the 7 keys to a more positive divorce and co-parenting relationship, with tons of information and real-life examples.  If you don’t care about your relationship with your former spouse, then do this for your children!  That’s the primary reason this is so important – because your kids will be impacted greatly by the relationship you and your ex have, and the behaviors and actions you demonstrate when dealing with each other.  Please don’t let them get caught in the crossfire.

This class was originally offered live, over the phone, and now it’s available for you to download immediately.  You will get 4 mp3 recordings that you can download and listen to at your leisure.

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How to Talk About Divorce Kit

If you have just made the decision to get divorced or think that is where you are headed, this product could be invaluable in helping you to set the tone of your divorce from the very beginning.  It’s hard to stay positive during such a challenging situation, and particularly hard when friends and family are making negative comments and constantly telling what you “should” do.  It can be very confusing and overwhelming.

That’s why I created the How to Tell Your Friends and Family That You’re Getting Divorced Kit.  It is a comprehensive guide designed to help you have conversations with those people close to you so that you can feel comfortable and get the support you need from them, to prevent your divorce from becoming a nasty battle you can’t recover from.

The other huge challenge parents have is telling their children about the divorce and what it’s going to mean for them.  So, I’ve added a very special bonus.  When you purchase the How to Tell Your Friends and Family That You’re Getting Divorced Kit, you will also receive my How To Tell Your Kids That You’re Getting Divorced report.  It covers how to tell them, when to tell them, what to say, what not to say, how different age children react, and more.


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