I just volunteered for a few hours at a children’s consignment sale in my local area. They have it twice a year – once at the beginning of spring and once at the beginning of fall. You can find them in most towns and I think they’re great.

I went to my first one when my daughter was a baby and I wished I had known about them before she was born. There is so much great stuff available – pack-n-plays, strollers, boppies, books, toys, diaper genies, bedding sets, bikes, and clothes galore. The list goes on and on.

The beauty of these sales is that everyone wins. The items get re-used, which is great for the environment, the people selling their items make some money, the people shopping there get incredible bargains and save tons of money, the community comes together, you get all of your children’s old stuff out of your house, and much of what doesn’t get sold is donated to charities. How great is that?

If you’re going through a divorce and money is tighter than it used to be, this is a great way to cover most of your child’s wardrobe without spending much. Most clothing items cost less than $4 and don’t forget that you can re-sell your stuff after your kids outgrow it (if it’s still in good condition). It’s also a great way to get extra clothes and toys for two households.  And if money isn’t tight for you, it’s still a wonderful way to re-use and help others make and save money.

Just google “kids consignment sale” followed by the name of your city and see what comes up. Most places have them in March and September. Happy consigning!