Hand Analysis

Scientific Hand Analysis is not predictive and it’s not hocus-pocus. It is accurate and amazing.


The video below is from my Hand Analysis website so when it refers to putting your name and email in the box above, it’s referring to the box on that website, which is www.HandPickYourLife.com

You hold the key to understanding who you really are in your hands. Everyone does. Your fingerprints identify you as a unique individual, but in a much more in-depth way than you may realize. Encoded in your fingerprints, which are formed by the 16th week in the womb, is your Life Purpose, your Life Lesson(s) and your Life School.


These three pieces of information, together, make up your Soul Psychology. This includes who you came here to be, what you came here to do, the filter through which you experience life, and what you came here to learn so you can fully align with your purpose.


Why does this matter?


The more clarity and understanding you have about who you are at your core and what your natural abilities and challenges are, the more ease and flow you can have in your life, and the more joy and fulfillment you can experience every day.


Knowing and embracing who you really are allows you to have deeper, more meaningful relationships, more fulfillment in your career and daily life, and less stress and struggle. You can enjoy more peace and love as you gain insight and awareness, becoming empowered with the wisdom and consciousness literally at your fingertips!


Your brain is connected to your hands and sends more messages there than to any other part of the body. As the neural pathways in your brain are formed and change, so the lines on your palms form and change.


Yep, the lines and markings on your palms, the shape and size of your hands and fingers, can and do change over time. They are a mirror of what’s happening within you. They show your personality, including your emotional and relationship style, your thinking and decision-making style, your strengths and gifts, your challenges and blocks, and much much more.


It’s important to know that Hand Analysis is not predictive in any way. I cannot tell you how long you will live, how many children you will have, or what will happen to you. I can only share with you what is represented in your hands about your core identity and how you uniquely express yourself in the world.


When you are clear on who you are and why you’re here, it becomes easier to make choices and decisions in life, to move forward in a positive way, and improve your relationships. And life can be more FUN! We can all use some more fun and play in our lives.


I offer hand analysis sessions in person and over the phone. I get your hand prints and finger prints in ink, I do my analysis, and then I share with you all the fascinating and insightful information that I find in your hands. If you’re not local, I mail you a hand-printing kit and you mail your handprints back to me. It’s very simple.


You get a written summary of your hand reading, and a recording of the session so you can listen again whenever you want.


To have your hands read, or if you have questions about the process, please contact me at marlene@HandPickYourLife.com.  I look forward to serving you!


You can access my website about Hand Analysis by clicking on this link: www.HandPickYourLife.com

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