My daughter’s elementary school has an automated phone service that allows the staff to record a phone message and then send it out to all the parents.  My phone rings about once a week with a message from the school.  I answer and I hear the principal reminding me of upcoming activities, fundraisers, programs, PTA meetings, or special schedules.

Now I think this is great because how often do children bring home papers that get thrown into the mail pile, tossed aside, or forgotten in the bottom of a bookbag?  I really think it’s a wonderful way to remind parents about what’s going on.

So here’s the problem:  Whoever created the system, only allowed ONE phone number to be entered per student.  That’s perfect if every child lives in one home, or has divorced parents but only one of them is involved in their school life.  But what about the many children these days whose parents are divorced and both parents actively participate in their lives?  It’s really not fair to expect the parent who receives the phone calls to then call or email the other parent and relay all of the information to them.  They just shouldn’t have to do that.  The phone service should call them too.

And what about situations where the divorced parents aren’t so chummy?  Do you think the parent getting the phone calls is ever gonna bother letting their ex know about the school play or the meet-your-new-teacher night?  No.  And then when that other parent doesn’t show up, how does the child feel?

Time for parents to complain to the schools about it, and get the schools to complain to the vendors about it, and maybe eventually it will get updated to allow for all types of families to be “in the know”.